Dodge, Dip, Dive, Duck, and Drag

Who knew that it would take the same kind of panache to dodge a bouncy rubber ball aimed at your face as it would to survive a RuPaul-esque death drop with wig firmly intact? Miss Ogyny might have your answer. 

After a Sunday brunch brimming with pitchers of mimosas, bags of dollar bills, and a bra filled with white feathers, a packed room cheered as the glam queens of New York City's newest drag show took their bow. Jose Paz, aka Miss Ogyny, exited the stage of his monthly drag startup, "Homecoming," with an air of excitement that could only come from the rush of performing on stage. Or maybe, Paz could find that same buzz the following night as he hung up the heels and grabbed the sweatbands to play in an intramural dodgeball league for gay men. 

Paz has headhunted, literally and figuratively, in this weekly league for new talent to take part in his Hell’s Kitchen variety show. He introduced the idea of performing drag to teammates, two of which were Miss Ogyny's co-stars in the June rendition of "Homecoming." They themselves now live at the intersection of jocks and queens. But they can promise you one thing; their homecoming dresses are way more fabulous than yours.

Text: Philip Brian Tabuas

Jose Paz becomes Miss Ogyny