I’ve always been drawn to people who live their lives-apart; those who lead a passionate, unusual, or transgressive existence on the edge of visible society. Their defiant independence—whether it’s innate, cultivated or forced upon them—is why I'm a photographer.

I’m particularly attracted to subcultures that are hidden in plain sight, traces of history thought long gone, and groups that live by a code of tradition and ritual. Through a respectful approach to the people I photograph—usually with the intimate and collaborative spirit of portraiture—I strive to collect moments of surprise, oddity, and honesty.



International Center of Photography (NYC)
Invisible Dog Gallery (Brooklyn)
Mills Pond Gallery (St. James NY)
Brooklyn Born Gallery
Spark Contemporary Art Space (Syracuse)
Brooklyn Artist's Gym
Fulton Street Collective (Chicago)
String Room Gallery (Aurora NY)
Handwerker Gallery (Ithaca NY)
Various outdoor installations internationally



Magenta Flash Forward XIV
Lucie Emerging Artist finalist
Time's "34 Photographers to follow"
American Photography 31
CDS/Honickman First Book Prize finalist
Brooklyn Arts Fund recipient
New York Times portfolio review
Missouri Photo Workshop 67
Conscientious Magazine portfolio finalist
Lisette Model foundation scholarship



The New York Times Magazine
Wall Street Journal
Huck Magazine
Roads & Kingdoms